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VMWare Workstation VM hangs at black screen at reboot

When you run a VMWare Workstation VM from a removable disk the chance is that when you shutdown this VM it’s shows a black screen for several minutes. To shut down the machine immidiately, add these lines of code at … Continue reading

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Disable Windows Installer Coordinator

When you use tools like Altiris or SCCM and you want to run scripts against Windows Server 2008, you need to disable a couple of things not to run into the Windows Installer scrolling window. The next GPO setting disables … Continue reading

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Add a folder to the registry with a d-word value (with a space) from DOS using Altiris

Today I was struggling to get a Command Prompt box, sent by Altiris, to run a PowerShell command with a space in it. Finally I got it fixed. The command is: 1) powershell.exe -command “& New-Item -path Registry::’HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\TSAppSrv’” … Continue reading

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