Disable Windows Installer Coordinator

When you use tools like Altiris or SCCM and you want to run scripts against Windows Server 2008, you need to disable a couple of things not to run into the Windows Installer scrolling window. The next GPO setting disables all the stuff that blocks these features:

[Hanging Windows Installer Coordinator]

A fix is available for this issue.

To disable this group policy:
1 ) Log on to the system with a User that has Administrative Privileges
2 ) Open the Windows Control Panel
3 ) Perform a search for Group Policy
4 ) The search results should display a link to the “Local Group Policy Editor”
5 ) Once inside the editor, go to:

  1. Computer Configuration
  2. Administrative Templates
  3. Windows Components
  4. Remote Desktop Services
  5. Remote Desktop Session Host
  6. Application Compatibility

6 ) In the right pane, right click on ‘Turn off Windows Installer RDS Compatibility” and select Edit from the drop down menu
7 ) Select the Radio Button labeled ‘Enable’
8 ) Click OK


Can’t get the solution to work? Contact me and let me do the trick.




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9 Responses to Disable Windows Installer Coordinator

  1. cbenac says:

    Thanks so much. It worked for me. I was trying to install a program and it was hanging on the installer. I had tried other fixes that worked in the other server but this one gave me a hard time.

  2. Richard Hay says:

    works for me – i was waiting an hour and searched and found your helpful info.

  3. Richard Hay says:

    worked for me. I was hanging for the better part of an hour then found your handy info. thanks.

  4. Mike says:

    Worked here also .. Installing a IBM product in 2k8r2 and after looking at that windows for 20 min. or so it would stop and say install server not available ? The install program was on the local hard drive šŸ™‚ This change fixed it thanks !!

  5. JF says:

    Thank u for this information. It was VERY HELPFUL šŸ™‚

  6. Mike says:

    This was extremely helpful. It made simple what others were billing as complex. Many thanks

  7. Varun says:

    Thanks for the help. worked like a champ

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