Microsoft UE-V – Part 3 Silently installing the UE-V agent

Installing the UE-V agent is very straightforward. But when using a deployment mechanism like Altiris or SCCM, it must be done silently.

Here is the command to get this done.

Sidenote: When installing  the client normally, the registry key SettingsStoragePath and SettingsTemplateCatalogPath are not created. When using the silent installer both these keys will be created!

AgentSetup.exe /quiet /norestart /l*v “C:\UEVagentLog.txt” SettingsTemplateCatalogPath=”\\server\share\UE-V\Templates” SettingsStoragePath=\\server\share\%UserName%

Do not use %^Username%!

Now the correct registry keys are created:


And when logging on the profile settings are saved:



Can’t get the solution to work? Contact me and let me do the trick.




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3 Responses to Microsoft UE-V – Part 3 Silently installing the UE-V agent

  1. Alan Dooley says:

    You can also just use the AgentSetup.exe /quiet /norestart options only and then use Group Policy to configure the templates and settings path. .admx templates are now available for UE-V.

  2. mradios says:

    Thanks Ralph for shareing these information.

    Q: I am using ADDC 2003 and not able to see the setting for UE-V with ADMX template in GPO editor, is there a tool to convert the ADMX ——-> ADM ?

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