Installing Server App-V agent

Microsoft Server Application Virtualization is designed to simplify deploying and managing applications in the datacenter. With Server App-V it is possible to virtualize server components. The server needs the Server App-V to start packages.

Select Web Server IIS 22-Apr-12 15-18-11_thumb[1]
Click Next 22-Apr-12 15-18-57_thumb[1]
Click Close 22-Apr-12 15-19-22_thumb[1]
Select .NET FrameWork

Click Next

22-Apr-12 15-19-53_thumb[1]
Click Next 22-Apr-12 15-20-06_thumb[2]
Click Close 22-Apr-12 15-21-15_thumb[1]
Install the Web Deployment Tool

Click Next

22-Apr-12 15-22-03_thumb[1]
Click Next 22-Apr-12 15-22-19_thumb[1]
Click Complete 22-Apr-12 15-22-33_thumb[1]
Click Install 22-Apr-12 15-23-15_thumb[2]
Click Finish 22-Apr-12 15-23-27_thumb[1]
  22-Apr-12 15-23-57_thumb[1]
Click Next 22-Apr-12 15-24-11_thumb[1]
Click Next 22-Apr-12 15-24-26_thumb[1]
Click Next 22-Apr-12 15-24-48_thumb[1]
Click Next 22-Apr-12 15-25-08_thumb[1]
Click Next 22-Apr-12 15-26-00_thumb[1]
  22-Apr-12 15-26-12_thumb[1]
Click Finish 22-Apr-12 15-26-29_thumb[1]
  22-Apr-12 15-26-36_thumb
Click Install 22-Apr-12 15-26-54_thumb[1]
Click Finish 22-Apr-12 15-27-10_thumb[1]


Can’t get the solution to work? Contact me and let me do the trick.




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