Book review: Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide – Augusto Alvarez

The author of the Getting Started with Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 book, Augusto Alvarez,  has written a new and more advanced App-V book called Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide.

The Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide is not for the App-V beginner but has a focus on consultants and senior administrators involved in the advanced concepts of App-V. Also the sequencer with approximately 1 a 2 years of sequencing experience will read new and useful things.

Augusto has written a book that explains in depth the new features, including screenshots, of Server App-V and SCCM 2012 and how to set up new technologies like VDI. Also System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 is discussed.

A separate chapter about third party tools is very useful. And the chapter on how to set up App-V for high available environments is effective.

A quick summary: a very useful book in which you will find new things and let you think about how you use App-V in your daily work and how it can be improved.

Book: Augusto Alvarez – Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide, isbn 978-1-84968-448-4

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