How-to replace a UE-V template

UE-V templates contain information what files and register keys to save. If this template is updated or replaced the template should be unregistered en reregistered to function properly.

Method 1 – PowerShell

Import-module uev
Unregister the current template

unregister-UevTemplate –TemplateId *name*

Verify that the current templates are no longer registered by enteringget-uevtemplate | format-table -property TemplateID,TemplateVersion
Register the new versionRegister-UevTemplate  *name.xml*

Method 2 – Using the Template Catalog Path (easiest)

When using the Template Catalog Path, the UE-V agent checks everyday if there is a new version of the template. If there is a new version, it is updated on the client.

The UE-V settings location template catalog path can be defined by using Group Policy, agent
install command-line parameters, WMI, or PowerShell.

This works when the registry key OverrideMSTemplates is set to dword 00000001 image
Make sure the SettingsTemplateCatalogPath setting is correct using Get-UevConfiguration

If not, set it using Set-UevConfiguration -computer -SettingsTemplateCatalogPath ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft User Experience Virtualization\Templates’
To renew a template file, remove the old templates from catalog and copy the new templates in to the catalog image
Templates will be updated the next time the UE-V scheduled task runs (on reboot for example or manual start) image


Can’t get the solution to work? Contact me and let me do the trick.




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