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Unattended Sequencing using Templates in App-V 5

In App-V 5 it is possible to sequence applications unattended. Using this feature it is very easy and fast to create a virtual application. I would not recommend using the unattended sequence feature when sequencing an application for the first … Continue reading

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How to use an Application SHIM or Compatibility Fix with App-V 5

If you want to use an application that does not work on newer operating systems, it’s possible to trick the application to think that it is being started on an older operating system. This trick is called a SHIM/FIX and … Continue reading

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Enable Disk performance counters in the Windows Server 2012 R2 Task Manager

Using the Task Manager in Server 2012 R2 you cannot see the Disk performance counters by default. To see the Disk performance counters, enable the feature using the command: diskperf -Y Afterwards the Task Manager needs to be re-opened and … Continue reading

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