What I like about Office 2016

My best combination for years from a productivity perspective: Windows 7 & Office 2010. This allowed me to do everything without any limitations such as not working applications and plugins.

Off course, I had experience with Windows 10 and Office 2013 but I was not convinced that I would benefit from it and become more productive. But this week I finally moved to Windows 10 because… Office 2016 came out and I want to try it. And until now, I really like it.

Here are my favorite features in Office 2016:

  • When moving the slider in the Ruler, it shows a preview.

Great feature that displays how the content will look like when you let go of the mouse button.

  • When navigating (scroll) through the document, the Navigation pane displays the actual location.

The Navigation Pane is a great help navigating through documents, but when you scroll through your document it would not display the actual location in the document unless you clicked somewhere in the content. This has changed that the Navigation Pane focus is displayed when you navigate (scroll) through the document.


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