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AppSense is the leading name in user virtualization, VDI and virtualization technology solutions to businesses worldwide.

App-V 5 integration in AppSense DesktopNow

UEM tools, like AppSense DesktopNow, can be used to present and modify App-V 5 applications. Some of the benefits of integrating App-V packages within AppSense are: Package modification; Reduced packaging times; Granular access control; License control; Extensive reporting; Etc. AppSense … Continue reading

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How to solve the App-V 5 file permissions with AppSense

Using App-V 5 you have no permissions to folders outside the Primary Virtual Application Directory chosen during the start of the sequencing phase. Except if you are a member of the Administrators. See this post for a extensive explanation. There … Continue reading

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How-to fix the AppSense Performance Manager website creation

The AppSense Performance Manager controls and optimizes CPU, Memory and Disk I/O to improve system capacity, improve application response times and provide a superior quality of service. During the installation the following error occurred:   > Failed to commit property … Continue reading

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